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Colour Analysis Complete for MEN

  • 1 uu 30 min.
  • 160 euro
  • Location: Den Haag Forepark or De Verkeerstoren Ypenburg

Beschrijving van de dienst

In this system the natural look of the individual will be analysed by the hair, skin and eyes, and harmonizing colours will be recommended. From there, the three colour characteristics will be examined, the undertone, the purity, and the hue of the colours A colour analysis will reinforce your personal style and identity, and reinforce your confidence. Colour analysis saves time and money, allowing you to make quicker clothing and colour choices, and reducing the likelihood of purchasing the wrong items. Colour Analysis Complete - including a colour passport (ComCard) and Colour Draping



Verkeerstorenplein 1, Nootdorp, 2631 MZ

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